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Wheels 101

How They Work

It's pretty straightforward: they turn on axles. This helps them build mechanical leverage -- what your Mazda vehicle needs to spin its tires. They act as force-multipliers after that, too, keeping the car or SUV you love going.

What They're Made of

Usually, if not steel, then a rugged alloy of aluminum and other metals -- anything from iron, copper, or silica to zinc and magnesium. The alternative, and the ultimate in resiliency: a filamentous crystalline polymer called graphite fiber or carbon fiber.

The Sizes and Styles Available

Size is measured in diameter, and it varies. Some wheels measure 15 inches or so, while others can be 20 inches or more. Styles are just as many; wheels can be single-spoke or twin-spoke, if not multi-spoke, and even designed for certain climates and/or weather patterns.

What's Most Important When Ordering Wheels Online

For one, you'll need to get the right type for your Mazda model. Secondly, you'll need to get the right size for it. Finally, and just as importantly, you'll need to install them properly.

How to Install Wheels on Your Vehicle

This question's best answered by following instructions from your OEM. If you can't find them in your owner's documentation, then you should get them with your purchase. However, according to automotive research authority It Still Runs, you should do the following, generally.

  1. Park your vehicle on a flat, solid surface.
  2. Using a lug nut wrench, loosen but do not completely unscrew and remove the lug nuts on one of its wheels.
  3. Using a car jack, lift the vehicle until that wheel's tire is approximately 1 inch off the ground.
  4. Unscrew each of the lug nuts on that wheel the rest of the way and take them off. The wheel will come off upon removing the last lug nut; set the wheel aside.
  5. Following your manufacturer's instructions, install a spacer on the new wheel, if it comes with one. It should be installed in the middle of the car-facing side.
  6. Install the new wheel on the car and fasten the lug nuts three-quarters of the way.
  7. Use the car jack to lower the vehicle to the ground.
  8. Tighten the lug nuts firmly, the rest of the way.
  9. Repeat these steps for each of the other wheels.

Whatever wheels you decide to put on, be sure to choose the genuine article, not off-brand.

Why Buy OEM vs. Aftermarket?

Mazda manufactures its wheels to fit your ride perfectly. That fitment guarantee, you won't always get on the aftermarket. Compatibility is, in fact, so important that it determines everything from proper alignment, acceleration, and braking to overall handling and even speedometer calibration.

Where to Buy Genuine Mazda Wheels and Rims Online

Right here at our auto parts store. We keep them affordable, too: where most cost anywhere from $100 or so to several hundred dollars, depending on wheel material, most of what we have to offer is priced well below MSRP. Simply select your model in our catalog, then choose your model year, browse accordingly, and place your order. We'll ship promptly, delivering anywhere in the US that you live or work, in no time. Most wheels ship in 24 hours (assuming they're in stock), while those that aren't in stock can ship in as few as 2-3 business days. Plus, overnight shipping is available. Of course, returning or even canceling an order is no hassle, either; just contact us. For full details on all this, consult our shipping, returns, and cancellations pages.

You're more than welcome to get in touch with our team anytime, too, should you have a question or concern or need some buying advice. Our parts specialists will be happy to help out.

MSRP $673.59
Part Number: 8AU1-37-600
Other Names: Wheel Set Aluminum More Names
Description: 4wd, aluminum. More Info
  • Mazda:
    • B2200,
    • B2600
MSRP $143.56
Part Number: 9965-70-5030
Other Names: Wheel Steel Disc More Names
Description: Steel wheels. More Info
  • Mazda:
    • 323,
    • Protege
MSRP $516.68
Part Number: 9965-22-6050
Other Names: Wheel Steel Disc More Names
Description: 4wd, spoke. More Info
  • Mazda:
    • B2000,
    • B2200,
    • B2600
MSRP $176.80
Part Number: 9965-78-5540
Other Names: Wheel, Steel Disc More Names
Description: 2wd, spoke. More Info
  • Mazda:
    • B2000,
    • B2200,
    • B2600
MSRP $379.24
Part Number: 9965-62-5540
Other Names: Wheel, Steel Disc More Names
Description: 2wd, chrome, spoke. More Info
  • Mazda:
    • B2000,
    • B2200,
    • B2600
Wheel Nut
MSRP $5.02
Part Number: 0603-26-161A
Other Names: Wheel Lug Nut, Hub Nut (W O Chrome) More Names
Description: Without chrome. With turbo, non bright. Without plating. Aluminum wheels, black. Steel wheels, black. 1990-94, without plated. Plain.... More Info
  • Mazda:
    • 2,
    • 3,
    • 323,
    • 6,
    • 626,
    • 929,
    • CX-3,
    • CX-30,
    • Miata,
    • Millenia,
    • MPV,
    • MX-3,
    • MX-6,
    • Protege,
    • Protege5
  • 10 more
Steering Wheel
MSRP $1,880.44
Part Number: N066-32-980
Other Names: Boss Seat Wheel More Names
Description: Miata mx5. With wood wheel. More Info
Notes: Order By Description. More Notes
  • Mazda:
    • Miata

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